Country fair
Limit access to the school parking lot for both parade and country fair vendors 
  to the Green Cemetery end of Church Street . . . like last year.
Include Sign: Vendors and Parade Participants Only
                                        9 (or when the race is over)- 10am
Barricade the entrances to School Street at the Bedford road (rotary end) and where it intersects at Church Street
Except during road races
Open Church Street at Concord Street. . . 
and flow behind a half barricade back up to Cong Church
Don't allow anyone other than vendors to make a left-hand turn out of the School lot.
Road races
1. Close the Church/School St. and Church/225 intersections to all traffic from 7:10-7:25, 
or until the last the 5-mile runners are on 225 (less than 15 minutes)
2. Traffic control at East St./225 from 7:40 until approx. 8:15
 (or, if a police car or motorcycle follows the last runner, that would end the need at that intersection)
3. All traffic stopped from the Church/School St. intersection to the finish line area from 7:40 until conclusion 
of the one-mile race at approx. 8:30. If it is necessary to open this section to 
allow fair vendors access during this period, it is critical that it be done on a case by case basis. 
Last year a horse trailer was allowed onto Church St. from Concord St. while the runners
 were finishing, seriously interfering with the race.
Entertainersshould be given some kind of a parking pass.  Need THREE spaces blocked off from interesection BACK toward school
carve an acces slice at the intersection for church and school
then we can let traffic flow to the church from Baldwin
4. Close the Church/225. intersection to all traffic from 8:10-8:25 
or until the last 1-mile runners turn left on 225 (less than 15 minutes)
If #3 presents a problem for the police, close the Church/School St. intersection to the finish line area to
all traffic from 8:15 -8:30 or when the last 1-mile runner passes.
 This has been the most dangerous portion of the race,
 with a young boy almost being hit there by an elderly driver 2 years ago.
Allow entrants to run up Church Street to school parking lot
Have Police escort the parade cars through the country fair to enter parade lineup
or run cars around backward to Parade stsrt point
Soapbox Derby coverage
All set but need the radar unit
Ice Cream Social
Reserve/cone off two spaces at the mid break point for Ice Cream delivery and BBQ delivery.
Cone off two handicapped places
There will be parking on the field for worker bees and entertainers (they'll have passes) 
Need to place a barricade at trail head from Banta to Spalding.  We have a sign to explain.