Feb Setup first meeting date & e-mail
Feb Note to Middleschool art teacher about due date
for program artwork
March #1 Meeting
Make sure there are chairs for each event
Decide on any entertainment for Ice Cream Social etc.
Identify # tables needed
April #2 Meeting
Estimate ice cream needed for social
Line up singer for National Anthem
Make sure a rain out plan is in place…all venues
Will hay bales be needed for Soapbox Derby ?
May #3 Meeting
Make sure rainout plans are known by all
May Take banner to Fire Department to raise by 1st of June
June Pickup gift certificates from Kimballs and Great Brook
for Art show, games, corn shucking
June Meet with Police
June Pickup artwork from Middleschool
complete program
take program to printer
Pickup program and mail (week before OHD)
June #4 Meeting IF NEEDED
week before OHD
Make arrangements with school custodian
 for them to deliver sound system to Union Hall
coordinate with DPW for power on Green
Locate gunny sacks and three legged race velcro
Get 8 dozen eggs for egg toss
Day before OHD
Get tents from storage
get artwork stantions to Union Hall
make sure porto-potties are in place
Morning of OHD
Set up admin tables and tents
set out donation buckets
Set up sound system