of 2009

For Keith and Bonnie

OLD Home Day Memories


Of Old Home Days Gone By


of 2007
Road Race Results
Road Race photos set A
Road Race Photos set B

of 2006
Road Race Results
Donna & Newel Cantrill
Outstanding Citizens for 2006
From Bonnie Greer
Road Races to the Parade and on to the Country fair
From Ellen Huber

From John Jackson, set A
Both days


Angry Clapping Monkeys

of 2005
Happy Birthday Greetings Carlisle
The hot air balloon
Pancake Breakfast short video
All Road Race Results
Pancake Breakfast slides from Bonnie Greer's camera
The Great Parade
Dressed for the Occasion
Spinning wheel
Frog Jumping Contest....some GREAT photos here by Bonnie Greer
Children's games from Bonnie's camera
Ice Cream Social slides from Bonnie
Music Cavalcade: Lisa...this takes a minute or so to download...patience
Music Cavalcade: "The Second Wind"...this takes a minute two....more patience
Music Cavalcade: " The Hip Replacements"
...this one takes A LOT OF PATIENCE
Fireworks home video #1
Fireworks home video #2
A sampling of the Fireworks
Fireworks Finale
Hand held still photos of fireworks. Interesting effect
of 2004